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Established 1992
2012 Celebrated 20 Years

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We will be in the process of relocating from Pagosa Spring, Colorado to Eustis, Florida so Orders Placed between April 16th and April 29th will ship after April 30th.


Candace and John Newman
Founder & Owners
Since 1992

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All our formulas are handmade in the forest and mountains of Colorado, USA. Our proprietary formulas developed over the past 20 years of Candace's Aromatherapy private practice. The benefits were many-fold and clients wanted to continue purchasing them; they have passed the test of time. Our pure essential oils are gathered from around the world and are of the highest quality to insure their medicinal properties. We use no synthetic fragrances. Made of the highest quality ingredients our formulas include base ingredients such as Organic Golden Jojoba, aloe and vegetable glycerin.

We offer you the benefits of these wonderful products to assist you in creating a continual increase in your total sense of well being. They are for external use and are a profound part of any wellness program. Don't leave home without them!

Be gentle with yourself ... life is precious.

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Touch With OilsŪ Hand Massage Instructor Course
April 4 - 6, 2014. Mt. Dora, Florida.

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